Allergies & Allergy Visits

As a breeder of only Siberian cats, I am able to accommodate those requiring an allergy visit.

As a cat allergy sufferer myself (I also have mild asthma) for many years I dreamed of owning a cat. It was only when I investigated seeing my GP to see if any allergy medication would be available, that I came across links to websites advertising "Hypoallergenic cats". I thought this seemed crazy and certainly would not have been interested in any "genetically modified experiment", but curiosity got the better of me and I read on.. and i am forever grateful that I did, for I discovered this most beautiful, clever, enchanting breed, the Siberian.

I arranged an allergy visit first, as I thought this sounded too good to be true, and spent a good few hours at Denise Burn's house, who is now an extremely good friend of mine, playing with her cats and being in their environment, and I am pleased to say I had no eye itching, no sneezing, and my asthma was not affected. I could not believe it.

The next day, I contacted Denise, and put a deposit down on my very first ever cat, my beautiful, huge boy, Harvey Junior (Sapphirensteel Maximus). A few weeks later, I reserved my stunning girl, Sophie (Sapphirensteel Mashinka).

I must admit that when I went to collect my new kittens, I did get a very mild allergic reaction, as all of a sudden there were a lot more cats around. However, after no time at all back home, my own immune system seemed to adjust to the very mild symptoms I first experienced.

Who would have thought that after years of longing for a cat of my own, I not only now own 4, but I am now also a breeder of this magnificent breed.

Can all allergy sufferers tolerate Siberians?

It is known that the Siberian carries less Fel D1 than other breeds, and for many allergy sufferers after spending time in the cats environment, many of them found they had no reaction to the cats at all. Some did have a slight reaction, but with the help of anti-histamines...air purifiers..hoovers with a built in hepa soloution..and products used to wipe the cats coats to remove dander, all of these products or a combination of them, have helped some of these people control their allergy enough to now own a cat...some even have 2. You will probably also find, like me, that any reaction soon goes after a short time, if it was not too severe to start with.

To arrange your allergy visit, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a convenient date. (I charge £20 for an allergy visit which can be deducted from the cost of your kitten)

The Science

Hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian coat have been noted and commented on for almost ten years. While there is little scientific evidence, breeders and pet owners claim that Siberians can be hypoallergenic to many allergy sufferers. Many people believe that the breed produces less Fel d1, the primary allergen present on cats. Fel d1 is present in a cats' saliva and when they groom themselves and this dries, dander carries into the air which contains the Fel d1 protein that affects allergy sufferers. As the Siberian has lower levels of this protein in their saliva, they make an ideal choice for people with allergies who never thought they could own a cat.



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